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About us

At Purple Mountain Plumbing Co. we are proud to provide the community of the Colorado Springs/Tri-Lakes area with professional service at fair rates. We put a lot of thought into every little thing we do, making sure you’re getting high-quality and outstanding service.


Craftsmanship is a priority at PMP because we think that whether in or outside of the wall, it should be done well, with pride, and have to be done once. We take pride in our work not only for our clients sake, but for ours as well. We aspire to provide long-lasting results, and transparently share our process every step of the way. 


We offer a variety of professional services, and will work with you to ensure that your satisfaction is met. From the smallest to the largest task we believe your home deserves top-priority service that is efficient and reliable. This is why we started Purple Mountain Plumbing, to deliver quality professional services that you can trust. Established 2022.

Image by Joe Dudeck

Jacob Horton, founder of
Purple Mountain Plumbing,
lives in Monument,
Colorado with his wife
and son; and loves every
minute spent in the
beautiful outdoors.
They decided to name the company
after the verse in "America the Beautiful" referring to magnificent Pikes Peak, their home state, and our great nation. 

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